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North Myrtle Beach, SC

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Jan 23, 2017


Been around music forever. Jazz clubs, impassioned dances, samba in the park, teachers from Africa. Mostly, the joy of sharing the spirit! I've heard it said - Listen and The Drum Will Teach You. Drumming is always from the heart.

Do you have a drum? For events and classes it helps us a lot to know how many drums to share that we bring.

yup. Got drums.. djembes, dununs, krins, frame drums, claves, shakeries. If any need drums I can help you decide on what's best for your interests.

What are your interests? Drumming, Dance, Instruction, Circles, Visiting Master Drummers workshops?, meditative sessions, maybe sharing your skills? We are open to many ideas.

Been around.. into most everything.. delighted to share what has been most generously given me.