What we're about

A lot of folks have been shown Djembe beats, or Conga beats, Samba beats…but not how to DRUM—to listen, to adapt, to co-create, to share. They paid for and got a great percussive experience, but no schooling in science, in technique, in safety, in Spirit. Drumpath Rhythms teaches you the science and technique of how to feel it, how to find it, how to fit it, and how to fill up with Rhythm. All shared with joy.

Drumpath Rhythms is HECTS: Health, Empowerment, Community, Technique, Spirit.

In our sessions, you make rhythm and have fun. Once the music’s in you, we help you get it out safely, efficiently, ergonomically, clearly, consciously.

Do you want more than holding a beat? Do you want to know how to fit in and make music? Do you want to be able to touch people’s souls? Do you want to have FUN? Learn HECTS. Do Drumpath Rhythms…..Become the Drum.

Fifteen dollars ($15) provides access to decades of teaching experience, and a lifetime of playing for shows, ceremonies, events, and gatherings.

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