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Philosophers @ PUNDIMONIUM
Just show up and laugh. Unless you wanna compete, then show up early.

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355 Monroe St NE · Minneapolis, MN

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    This group is for people who want to mix philosophical discourse and drinking (though you most certainly don't have to drink). Just interested? Awesome. Read Plato on the rainy days? Perfect. Academic continental philosophy? cool. Just dumb it down for us please. Just get out of your arm chair and meet some thinkers.

    Pro-tip. Ideas can be personal. If someone is rude or pisses you off I suggest just talking to somebody else. Socrates knew what he was doing when asked a lot of questions. Just saying. Look forward to meeting you.

    Social Anxiety? My first drunk philosophy (DP for short) in Seattle I walked in and walked straight back out. If you're not comfortable in large group please approach ME. I love meeting new people and I'll try to make you feel right at home.

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