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"Unofficial" Drunken Philosophy Part Two - The Emergence Strikes Back
Come join us for another "unofficial" DP meeting. For this week, we have two topics: 1. What virtues and/or ethics are present in the most successful relationships between romantic partners? Honesty (but how much?)? Patience (again how much)? What is the philosophical ideal? 2. Does a number line exist prior to axiomatic systems of mathematics? Additionally, if numbers and math are a priori, why did it take thousands of years to discover 0 or the square root of -1 (I or j)? What is i? Is it a convient trick or is it synthetic a proiri as Kant would call it? Random thoughts. As regulars know, topics are just starting points, and triangles will be discussed as per DP regulations. Lastly, we will start at the McMenamins and then migrate to the Rose and Thistle. Hope to see you there and hear your most interesting thoughts.

McMenamins on Broadway

1504 NE Broadway St · Portland, OR


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    I'm creating this group for folks who like to mix philosophical discourse and drinking. If you're hoping for carefully moderated debate, you might want to look elsewhere. I make shit up all the time and pretend I know what I'm talking about, and I'm hoping you enjoy doing the same. (Also, that you have enough of a sense of humor to admit that's what you're doing.) These discussions are intended as unstructured intellectual free-for-alls. The only two constants are booze and a keen interest in the nature of reality and human existence. We take philosophy very seriously, but we don't think taking it seriously demands that you act like an academic when discussing it.

    No formal training is necessary - no one will be expected to be able to parse words like "epistemological" or "deontological" without some explanation. Also, to be clear — while this group is a philosophy group, from my experience, philosophy ends up covering a lot of ground. Evolutionary biology, sociology, psychology, political science, history, poetry, music, film, physics, anthropology, religion, computer science, etc. are all fair game. (Though if you talk about computers, you will have to explain slowly to the Luddite organizer.) If you just like thinking hard, getting drunk, and you get excited when someone explains a new fact or perspective to you, this is the group for you.

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