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This is an every-other-Saturday-night get-together for people who want to have inappropriately serious conversations with strangers, mostly about the discipline of philosophy, while drinking. Although, strictly speaking, the drinking part is optional. No a priori knowledge of philosophy or anything else is required or expected. There are no fixed topics and no formal rules. Expect a room full of interesting people engaged in many different conversations on a wide variety of subjects.

Everyone is welcome at Drunken Philosophy! Unless you are an asshole. Disagreement and conflict are part of the fun of a group built around having serious conversations, but if you make other people feel unsafe or unwelcome you will be asked to leave. Fortunately, this is almost never necessary because most of us are awesome. If you are a racist or sexist asshole you will be especially unwelcome. Philosophy is one of the least diverse (https://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d11/tables/dt11_270.asp) academic disciplines, but we here at Drunken Philosophy want to help change that.

So come meet cranks, fanatics, pedants and tons of friendly people who actually know a lot about philosophy and other topics. And melt a hole in the dreaded Seattle Freeze with the power of Big Talk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUbjpwyesk0).

Past events (272)

Drunken Philosophy @ The College Inn Pub

College Inn Pub

Drunken Philosophy @ The Stumbling Monk

Stumbling Monk

Drunken Philosophy @ Connect Lounge

Connect Lounge

Drunken Philosophy @ Redhook Brewlab

Redhook Brewlab

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