DrupalCon Community Day - PUBLISHING SUMMIT


The Publishing Summit is the meeting point for everyone interested in publishing with Drupal, whether coding expert, publisher, or newbie.

The Austrian Drupal community (http://www.drupal-austria.at/), together with the international Drupal community, is organizing a full day of summits, trainings and a code sprint on Monday before DrupalCon Vienna. Read here why (https://medium.com/drupalat/drupalcon-vienna-monday-program-summits-are-back-395a4c95320a)

Get your ticket, it's just €50! (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drupalcon-vienna-summits-sprints-and-training-day-tickets-35139456059)

All tickets include breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks.

The ticket income is used for catering, insurance, cleaning, venue extra costs. Please note that all work is done by volunteers!

Organization: Drupal Austria (http://www.drupal-austria.at/) (local Drupal association, known for organizing DrupalCamp Vienna (https://2015.drupalcamp.at/)) together with the international Drupal community.

Program und moderation:
Julia Pradel (Burda Magazine Holding GmbH)
Christian Ziegler (acolono GmbH)


09:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sessions

We are lookin forward to a day full of interesting sessions in 2 tracks:

• Publishing Everywhere with Decoupled Drupal by Preston So (Acquia)

• News from Thunder (https://thunder.org/): Thunder for Print, Backend Theme, and more by Christian Fritsch (Burda Magazine Holding GmbH)

• Decoupled Drupal with GraphQL and React by Sebastian Siemssen, Philipp Melab (Amazee Labs)

• Contenta (http://www.contentacms.org/) - API-First Drupal distribution by Sally Young (Lullabot) and Daniel Wehner

• Reservoir (http://dri.es/reservoir-a-simple-way-to-decouple-drupal) - a Distribution for Decoupling Drupal by Ted Bowman (Acquia) (TBD)

• Personalisation in 7 dimensions by Richard Jones (Inviqa)

• Media in Drupal Core by Janez Urevc (MD Systems)

• Case Study Kurier: Headless, stateless, DB-less. How Kurier.at is transforming digital production by Adam Zielinski (kurier.at)

• Case Study undpaul: Our experience with Thunder in the real world
by Johannes Haseitl (undpaul)

• Case Study Wirtschaftsverlag: Contentpool for Publishers. Our way from Drupal 6 to Thunder by Oliver Berndt (Österreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag)

05:00 PM Socializing


This event wouldn't be possible without our sponsors!
In case you also want to help out, we have a few sponsor packages (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jRXBh7Aqz-bFJpUCmDnfQJ0uiH6E-9c7tm20Dn_wF7k/edit?usp=sharing) left.

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