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Drupal is a powerful open-source web content management platform that can be used to quickly and easily create dynamic web sites... without the need for programming:

- Small Business Web Sites

- Blogs

- Online Communities

- Medium and Large Company Web Sites

- Intranet Portals

Meet with other Drupal enthusiasts from newbies to gurus and join the community http://www.drupal.org.il/ to learn more.

Go Open Source...Go Drupal! Meet, learn, share and enjoy!

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Drupal project sharing
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Needs a location

Here's a raw idea that needs your feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome: You have a car pool, here it's a Drupal site pool. I bring along my site http://www.ballut.net... (http://www.ballut.net/) a marketplace. Participants interested in a marketplace contribute in the area they feel comfortable with, i.e. seo friendliness, social media integration, mapping, added functionality, design and theme modularity (Skinr/Fusion/Panels), legal aspects around the use of this site, one can head the project etc... Someone else will bring his dating site, another his party planing site and so on. The development tools can be discussed, OpenAtrium, webenabled etc... Any one can take the marketplace or the dating site code and do as he wishes... In some way it's like the Drupal install profiles or Linux distros, evolving and always ready to use. What do you think ? would you take part ?

Late night work-together
Needs a date and time

The Hub (TLV)

The idea is borrowed from a sister group, the night-owls. We meetup at a location, each one brings his/her own project and we just work together for several hours, preferably at night, 8pm-2am or even longer. Its super for people that don't work in multiple-developers companies but I think people that do might want to join too, exchange ideas, work and help. The TLV Hub is a good potential location. The night-owls charge 30NS to cover for the location, so we might need to do so too. How about it?

Drupal on any Cloud with Cloudify
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Needs a location

Hi everybody, I work for Gigaspaces, which is a company that develops Cloudify (http://www.cloudifysource.org), an Open source product that enables you to install Drupal on every cloud. With Cloudify (http://www.cloudifysource.org), you can manage your Drupal's life on the cloud during the installation and after it. Here are a few examples of what it can do: * Your Drupal site crashed? - Cloudify will revive it for you. You won't have to do anything. * Your Drupal breaches a pre-defined threshold? – Cloudify will allocate new machines for you on the cloud. These machines will be identical to the ones you already have and Cloudify will also connect them all, to a Load Balancer. * Want to update/upgrade your Drupal on a Cloud? Want to update the DB (MySQL or something else) from a remote location, without accessing the cloud machines? – Cloudify does that too. * Need to monitor the load on your Drupal? CPU? Memory? Any other Metric ? – Cloudify also has a great Web UI. And more… We will host a meetup (the time and location are yet to be determined as they depend on the demand) In the meetup, we will give you more info about Cloudify and show you what u can do with it. In any case, if it interests you, you can contact me here or via a private massage, or just sign up for the meetup. P.S.: 1. We've also built a developer community for it and I am the community manager. 2. Cloudify can be used to install, deploy, monitor and upgrade any app on any cloud and not just Drupal. But it seems to me that you are interested in Drupal... Tamir Korem Cloudify Community Manager [masked] http://www.cloudifysource.org

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