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Dualsport Trail Riders has been set up for riders interested in exploring single/double track trails in the NY/CT/MA/PA/NJ area. Riders must have some off-road experience and well maintained, registered, insured, dual-sport motorcycles which meet all DOT requirements (including 96 db. sound levels) 650cc max. w/dirt tires.

We encourage all riders to suggest routes.

Please note that your $10 annual membership dues are required as part of your DTR membership. The fees associated with this page are used to pay this Meetup's site fee. I do not profit from them in any way. Any extra funds will pay for a cookout or other bonuses for members.

DTR requires all riders to wear a DOT approved helmet, riding gloves and boots. We strongly encourage riders to have armored motorcycle jacket and pants.

By joining and participating in this group, you agree to abide by these terms.

1. Waiver
The Organizer, Co-Organizer and Assistant Organizers in this group are not professional guides. The function of the organizer(s) is only to organize the meetup. Each individual assumes all risk and liability in participating with any group activities and is responsible for his or her own safety. Motorcycle riding is by nature, a risky activity. By signing up for a ride, or any other event organized by this group, you are acknowledging that you are aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with any outdoor activity and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards. In addition, you further agree to release and discharge the Organizer, Co-Organizer and Assistant Organizers of the Dualsport Trail Riders meetup group from and against any and all liability arising from your participation in the group activities.

2. Legal

Events are for currently registered, street legal bikes. Public streets will be used to meet, get to and connect trails, fuel/food stops, ect. Each member assumes responsibility for the legality of their motorcycle for street use.

Riders assume all risk for their riding behavior. Riders are solely responsible for any law enforcement actions taken, and should not expect other members to cover for them

3. Safety

Risky or aggressive riding that puts other members at risk will not be tolerated and is cause for removal from the group.

On streets, riders will assume a standard staggered riding position. If you are unfamiliar with this, please ask. This increases visibility, prevents other traffic from splitting up the group, and gives each rider a cushion of space.

Slower riders should not feel pressured to keep up, or maintain an uncomfortable pace. The group will stop at any intersection or reasonable interval until all riders have caught up. This is not a race.

Should you need to leave a ride early or break away from the group, notify another rider or organizer. This is so when you disappear, we don’t go looking for you.

All members are strongly encouraged to set an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact on their cell phone. This is typically available to be called without any passcode or otherwise "unlocking" the phone if you are unable to do so.

4. Conduct

Rides may include stops for meals or events where alcohol is available. Use discretion and make responsible choices. Should you become visibly intoxicated, you will be on your own and not riding with the group further that day.

Please RSVP to events if you intend on going.

5. Rides and Terrain

To give Members an idea of what to expect, we try to describe the terrain and give a rough estimate of the difficulty, each member should use discretion about their own ability and that of their bike.

6. Guests

All guests are to take advantage of the 15 day FREE membership. The application contains vital information for anyone joining a ride. Skill level and bike type are also covered there.

7. Routes are to be shared only between Dualsport Trail Riders members. Any routes shared outside the group by any member will be cause for an immediate ban from the group.

Why Dualsports?

So we can ride a small percentage of pavement between trails.

All attempts are made to minimize pavement.

Ride Levels
1 - pavement, at speed limit
2- pavement, fast twistys
3- dirt roads, approx. 15% pavement
4- dirt roads and a few trails, approx. 15% pavement
5- easy trails, approx. 15% dirt roads and pavement
6-medium trails, some dirt road and pavement
7-Hard trails rocky and roots, hill-climbs, dirt roads
8-expert trails and some challenging rock and root covered trails
9-Thought I had seen it all.
10- severe rock climbs, cliffs, canyons, desert (Moab Utah:-))

Exercise common sense and courtesy, get dirty, and have fun.

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Bikes & BBQ at a relaxed pace

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Adirondack trail exploration

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The Sawyer

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Quarry Run Dual Sport

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Berkshire Big Adventure

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