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So, what is yin yoga?

Yin yoga as a practice offers a perfect complement to your yang yoga practice-whatever it might be. But that does not mean that you need to be familiar with yoga to come along. Yin yoga is really for everyone, regardless of previous experience.

Yin yoga is about adopting a shape/pose and holding it for between 3-8 minutes. Each of these shapes/poses focuses on a specific target area and accesses the deeper fascia of the body; muscles surrender so connective tissue can be targeted and we hold the postures for a long time so that a molecular phase change can occur in the fascia: "One of the wonderful things about yoga is that because of the sustained stretch held in many yoga poses, you actually do change the connective tissue. So you change the pattern of that fascia and thus you can get down to the chronic tension patterns lodged in the tissues. This can lead to a wonderful emotional unfolding over the long term."

(Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, leading expert on fascia)

The longer holds in yin yoga allow our meridian lines to be stimulated, and we can bring our mindful attention to the chi flow in our bodies both during the pose and also in the delicious rebounds which come after; a truly precious component of the yin yoga practice.

"Yin Yoga is needle-less acupuncture" (Sarah Powers, author of Insight Yoga and director of the Insight Yoga Institute) Yin yoga is about becoming very present to the 'here and now'. It helps us to cultivate mindfulness - defined very simply as the practice of paying attention, the awareness of where our attention is at any given moment. Through yin yoga we come to learn that energy flows where where attention goes. The practice of yin yoga enhances this connection to the present moment as it is a practice which draws us within ourselves. Yin yoga is about the acceptance of what is-at any given moment-rather than the fight. It's about taking a step back and 'doing' less to 'be' more. It's the challenge of self-acceptance, resisting judgement, quietening the ego, and seeing things as they truly are. What is challenging need not necessarily cause us suffering. What yin yoga can offer each and every one of us is a safe space to look closely at our mindset while empowering us to make little changes which will ripple out to every area of our lives.

Find your true self, get in tune with her or him, and the rest will look after itself. Powerful and potent? Yes!

Tingly chi flow feelings? Yes!

A safe space to explore sensations in the body? Yes!

A great playlist? Definitely!

Props provided? Indeed!

Yinsight + yinspiration? Guaranteed!

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Looking forward to creating and gathering a great yin tribe here in Dublin!

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