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This group is for people who have been deeply influenced by and very interested in, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book. For those who desire to learn more, and fully understand the concepts, lessons, and principles in the book to then apply that knowledge to their own life for transformational change.

The intent is the gather people in Dubai who have already been impacted by the material (as there are 10s of millions world wide) and seek to find like minded people or those with this common interest. To help support each other in understanding the numerous and in depth parts of the book as well as enhance the ability to apply that learning and ultimately cultivate them into lifelong habits as the author prescribes.

Of course there are always people who have just learned about, read, or heard of the name and are curious to know what the 7 Habits are all about. This group is also for those who just want to know a bit more and to be inclusive of the range of experiences and knowledge people have of the book.

The focus of the group will mostly be on learning and knowing the material well through peer to peer teach (encouraged by Covey as teach-to-learn, whether 1 to 1 or 1 to many), discussions, Q&A, and sharing of experiences (success or failure).

Hopefully this group will be a very positive resource to many and allow us all to live a truly fulfilled life we desire.

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Learning The 7 Habits and Discussion


Teaching The 7 Habits and Discussion

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Applying Covey's 7 Habits To Your Business

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Teaching The 7 Habits and Discussion

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