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Are you a JHipster enthusiast? If you are a full stack Java backend, JavaScript (React or Angular) frontend developer, we have a surprise for you? We are a group of Java and JavaScript developers who are based/work in the UAE specifically Dubai. We are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in automation of Java and JavaScript project development using JHipster. Through our forum and regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn about JHipster, Java and JavaScript UI libraries, meet other developers, discuss technical/non technical issues and network further throughout the Java/JavaScript Hipster Community.

JHipster provides tools to generate a project with a Java stack on the server side (using Spring Boot) and a responsive Web front-end on the client side (with Angular and Bootstrap). It can also create microservice stack with support for Netflix OSS, Docker and Kubernetes.

The term 'JHipster' comes from 'Java Hipster', as its initial goal was to use all the modern and 'hype' tools available at the time.[2] Today, it has reached a more enterprise goal, with a strong focus on developer productivity, tooling and quality.

JHipster can give you at least 2 to 3 months head-start in your new greenfield project via Advanced code and developer customizable code generation tools.


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