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For anyone who is curious to learn how to make the most of the mind body connection for well-being, happiness and fulfilment by harnessing the power of the subconscious! We run free workshops on topics including: applied positive psychology; clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling; NLP for effective communication and influencing; EQ-emotional intelligence.

Whilst we also run paid for courses for personal and professional development, leading to international qualifications, these workshops are to educate and raise awareness of very important topics, combining traditional wisdom with cutting-edge science and technology.

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FREE Online Webinar: Intro to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

If you’re interested in effective psychological therapy, this free webinar by Dr Leila Edwards, Principal of Transformations Institute, will provide a useful introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the ‘go-to’ form of effective therapy for many clinicians and the general public alike over recent years. CBT was the therapy recommended as a replacement for most drug-based therapy in the highly influential Depression Report which recommended a radical shift in health policy, away from prescription medications and towards the provision of “short, effective, evidence-based psychological therapies” that help people to build on the positive side of their personalities, particularly CBT. CBT has become a favourite choice of care with companies and health services looking for cost-effective alternatives to traditional psychotherapy. Its popularity is partly because of its common sense and clear principles, and also because the short, structured nature of the treatment makes it particularly amenable to empirical investigation, and it has accumulated an impressive research base of successful outcomes. Studies indicate that CBT is superior to anti-depressants, and has even been shown to be an effective treatment for borderline personality disorder and for schizophrenic patients in clinical settings. It is not surprising that CBT is now included in most treatment guidelines for a variety of conditions including eating disorders and OCD. Find out more and get the chance to register for the last UK-accredited online Diploma in CBT this year!

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