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Are you a small or medium retailer based in UAE and dreaming each day to make your vision come true like me? We all started with love for our product or service with a heart full of hope and trust in ourselves, but then the reality of handling a retail business sets us back.

Over the 3.5 years of living the dream also made me realize that there are some really unique challenges faced by retailers then any other type of business. Right from people hiring, staff retention, venue selection, retail customer handling, market expansion etc etc… I for one, am always looking for the best practices in everything that goes around, and it made me wonder if there are other people too who are in the same boat as me!

If you own a brick and mortar retail business and feel the same and would like to connect to tell your tales about all things Retail, I would love to connect and make our small cozy group of people helping each other with solutions, ideas and mutual mentoring. We could meet once a month in each of our retail outlets on a rotational basis and have a good fun casual empowering discussion.

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