What we're about

Group Purpose :

The purpose of this group is to build a community of members interested in improving their sales efficiency by attending continuous sales training sessions throughout the year. The group aspires as well, to provide the opportunity for you to network with same-minded members, and surround yourself with amazing people who are full of energy and positive thinking, just like you!

Who Should Attend ?

Many salespeople or start-up entrepreneurs find themselves in a difficult situation where they are struggling to achieve their monthly sales target, but in vain. The reason behind that is simply, because they don’t know how to sell efficiently. Most of the people working in sales don’t receive proper training on how to sell their product or service. They are left alone to face the tough market without any clue on how sales really works. After some time, their struggle turns into frustration when they find out that their job stability is threatened, or that they have to give up on their dreams as entrepreneurs! Our goal in this group is to help the members overcome such difficulties by developing their selling ability, skills, techniques and habits through an organized sales training meetings conducted by qualified sales trainers.

Training Method :

In our meetings, we follow an effective and verified training method that focuses on learning one sales competency at a time and practicing it directly. For this reason, we have a structured meeting that consists of two sessions. In the first session, a sales trainer usually covers a sales subject, every meeting a new subject is introduced. The second session is devoted to training reinforcement, where we perform selected activities to reinforce the learned subject.

Why Do We Charge ?

We believe that conducting our meetings in a private venue equipped with training devices will lead to a better outcome than having it in a public café. The meeting fee of AED 50 is used to cover the venue booking, snacks and training material. Therefore, the training is absolutely free!

Day, Time & Venue :

We meet every Wednesday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Business Village Conference Center.
Looking forward to seeing you there next Wednesday!

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