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Are you looking for a happier more fulfilling life? Are you looking for the tools to empower yourself, find peace, joy, success, contentment, and total liberation of limiting beliefs, fears, worries and hindering thoughts? This is a group for anyone seeking to find joy, self empowerment, living a liberated life from fear, past heavy baggage, negative thinking, and self sabotaging. Come join us in this inspirational and uplifting group, lets learn together the tools to find all that we seek in life.

About the host:

Maha Khalid is the author of several spiritual and motivational books including "The Book of Love: Seventy Verses on The Meaning of Divine Love" and "When Love Speaks An Unusual Conversation with Love" as well as a novella "The Jasmine Tree Love in The Time of Revolutions". She is also the author of “The Gate of Light”, a poetry collection. She is an avid researcher in the subject of Divine and perfect love. She has an interest in love as a spiritual pursuit.

Maha is a physician and a spiritual seeker who spent nearly two decades studying mysticism. In the last few years she focused on the path of divine love for self-empowerment and healing. She travelled and lived in many places meeting teachers and healers and learning from books and experiences.

Maha's interest in divine love and spirituality brought her to the belief that love presented to us in its true form once but as time passed we seem to have forgotten and disconnected from its light. This may account for our struggle and suffering and the difficulties we face in finding and keeping joy. It may account as well for all the obstacles we face towards creating a happy, fearless and healthy life. Her aim is to spread the message of love to the world through her books and her work.

Currently she lives in Dubai. She believes in us being global citizens while being all in essence one soul. The ecosystem of this planet is intertwined with us and with the whole existence and when we tap on this energy we become liberated, free and finally truly happy.

For more information please visit www.mahakhalid.com

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