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This meetup is for anyone with a Business Idea, or a recently started business or a business in growth phase. The meetup is to network, throw some ideas around, go back into the market, test the ideas, and meet up and discuss the results, tweak and do it all over again so that we achieve results. If you want to know how to do a Business Model or create a lean canvas we can do that too. Marketing plan generation is fun and quite easy when you know how. Let's get successful together!

But there is fine print, a catch... if you RSVP and don't attend the meetup twice you are removed from the Meetup. My knowledge was gained through hard work and I have been in my own business for 28 years, I am prepared to give my knowledge for free but you have to want to achieve your dream.

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Smash it with these 10 online business models

zyara cafee and resturant

Smash it with these 10 online business models


Marketing get together

Chocolate Bar, Mall of the Emirates, second floor, from gate 3

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