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Spring Mingle - Meet & Make New Friends @ Patiala, Souk Al Bahar
Spring is here - it's the season for new beginnings and the perfect time to make new friends...! Please join us for a lovely evening social with like minded Expats - To all members join us at Patiala (Souk al Bahar) for an evening of socializing, fun and making friends....! Join us for this fun evening where Rima will not only welcome you to the group but also introduce you to some of the other ladies and gents who attend. Our venue - Patiala is located in the prestigious Souk Al Bahar, a stone's throw away from the Dubai Mall Fountain. Named after the princely state in Punjab - this stylish restaurant and bar offers a relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance. With an immaculate lounge bar to enjoy classic and modern cocktails, the atmosphere at Patiala has an energetic vibe of excitement, paired with hearty Indian hospitality. Please join us at this fabulous place for a mix and mingle with like minded people.... Event Flow: Please note: the event fee will be collected at the start of the evening (or when you arrive) Our evening will start at 7:30pm (please arrive as close to the time as possible). Organizers will welcome you warmly into the group and introduce you to other Expat members who will be attending the evening (please note: Organizers will help with introductions till 9:30pm only) You will be provided an exclusive Expats Meetup wristband which will make it easy to recognize all our members. We have an area reserved for our members, so when you arrive please ask for Expats Meetup (or Rima) Our group will get promotional deals through the evening (more details to follow) Members will be given their 1 complimentary drink by 9pm. You are welcome to buy any more food and beverages (our members can avail any other promotions going on at the time) We will continue socializing till 10pm, after which people are welcome to stay on and enjoy the ambiance. So, when you see someone with our wristband - just say hello... Dress code: Smart casual Event fee: Ladies & Gents : AED 50 (this includes 1 beverage - alcoholic or non alcoholic after 9pm) Getting there: Patiala is located in Souk al Bahar (next to Dubai Mall) The closest metro station is Dubai Mall metro station Parking is available in the Souk or Mall (fountain side) car park. ---------------MEMBER VIDEOS------------------------ WE KNOW THAT ATTENDING A SOCIAL EVENT ALONE AND FOR THE FIRST TIME CAN BE SCARY AND NERVE RACKING. WE TAKE IT ALL AWAY. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT FROM AN EXPATS CLUB MEETUP? PLEASE SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR INFORMATION ON OUR GROUPS AND WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT FROM ANY OF THE OTHER SOCIAL GROUPS IN THE CITY PLEASE SEE VIDEO REVIEWS FROM MEMBERS ---------------------------------------------- Why should you attend our Socials? We have taken away any and all issues surrounding socializing and meeting new people in Dubai. 1. Meeting new people in groups can be intimidating. The organizers of the Expats meetup understand this and so welcome you when you arrive in our reserved area. We then proceed to introduce you to a few like minded people so that you can chat and settle down. 2. Our socials are very casual and laid-back affairs. We have no registration table, queues, guest lists or ceremony. All you do is walk in like you are meeting old friends and just say hello! 3. There is a very good reason why our socials have small groups of between 20 and 40 people. That is because small groups are better for socializing and everyone can actually meet everyone else through the course of the evening. Everyone just enjoys themselves more! 4. No one is alone in our socials. No starring into glasses and watching others chatting. Our organizers will help you make connections. Just reach out to them. Organizers will be there to help you and introduce you to the other members…. 5. We, almost always, tend to have a very good gender, age and cultural balance. No one group dominates, there are no cliques and everyone is very open to make new friends. You have no absolutely no excuse! There is no need to be shy or worried about meeting new people. Come out and join us. We will help you meet people and make new friends! CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS FROM PAST MEETUPS ( ) Please call or whatsapp Rima on 050 4968012 in case of any questions. You can also reach Raj on 055 2829430 (whatsapp only) ------------------OFFERS (Click for details)------------------- Lease a car from AED 1100pm with maintenance/insurance. Call 0552829430 ( ). Free ride of AED 50 with Code - UBEREXPATSCLUB123 at ( ) Sign up for CAREEM for AED 30 credit on your first ride ( ) Sign up as an AIRBNB Host and get $100 more on your first guest! Click here to register ( ) ---------------------- MEMBER SAFETY ADVICE Member safety and enjoyment of our meetup's is very important to us. We do our best to keep our groups safe and non pressured for all. We ask our members to inform an organiser if you were to feel unsafe, uncomfortable or harassed. We request all members not to share your mobile numbers or email addresses with any attendees unless you know then very well. We also request you do not respond to any unsolicited meetup messages from strangers or members who you have only just met. --------------------------- Top Tips on making the best of our Meetups 1. Do not be shy: Everyone who attends meetups have to overcome this fear. Almost everyone who attends actually comes alone. Bring a friend if it makes it easier for you. Please remember that the organisers are there to help you socialise and so go meet them as soon as you come to an event. We will look after you the best we can. 2. Be friendly and welcoming. Meetups are social occasions. If you attend, make the effort to talk to different people, not just people you already know. Make a special effort to welcome newcomers and involve them in the meetup. 3. Attend a few meetups before you decide whether they work for you. The people at every meetup social are different as is the venue, environment, energy etc. One meetup is never like another. Attend at least 3 of them before you decide to become a life long member or stop attending. 4. Don’t just turn up, take part. Meetups work best when everyone participates actively, not just the organisers or old members. Come with a positive mind and cheerful, meet lots of people and involve others. Do not sit in a corner or look at your mobile. 5. Spread the word. If you’ve enjoyed a meetup, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell people you think might benefit. Share links on social media. Blog about your experiences and what you’ve learned and gained. New members are the life blood of the group. 6. Comment, review and feedback: This is a community and it requires both online and offline engagement with other members as well as the organisers. You are invited to provide constructive feedback on the forums. If you want to complain or have a suggestion then that is best done through email or mobile directly to the organisers. Please be aware that over 10 meetup group that we cooperate with on Dubai. We combine these groups at many of our events and as a result we will have a much larger group of people attending than appears on the RSVPs above. These additional members are shows as guests of our organisers. You can see many of our global groups at and at ( ( ) ------------------------------- Event Fee: Ladies and Gents : AED 50 (includes 1 complimentary beverage after 9pm) Location: Patiala is located in Souk Al Bahar (next to Dubai Mall) Getting There: Dubai Mall Metro station is the closest. Parking is available in the Souk or the mall. ---------------------------- Please call Rima on 050 4968012 in case of any questions. You can also reach Raj on whatsapp on 055 2829430. CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS FROM PAST MEETUPS ( ) Please join our mailing list if you would like to receive these event announcements, free offers and group discount offers by email. ( )

Patiala Bar

Level 3, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Mall, Dubai · Dubai

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