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Awakening breathwork is an embodied, healing practice using three types and stages of breathwork in sequence. Opening-Connecting and Integrating. It is offered in group and individual sessions. MORE ABOUT AWAKENING BREATHWORK: A typical one hour breathwork session is divided into three stages, each with a different kind of breathwork all done in a lying down position with the aid of a cushion/pillow and blanket for comfort. These three stages are: OPENING - This is a simplicity approach to breathing, just noticing the breath without trying to do anything with it or change it. Allowing the breath to be as it wants and simply being aware of the body and environment. A basic mindful approach to the experience in the moment. This phase helps to open the practice and come fully into the present and into awareness of your body and environment. This is done for 10 minutes. CONNECTING - In this second stage the breathing shifts to a technique known as ‘conscious connected breathing’ aka ‘rebirthing breathwork’. This consists of inhaling consciously into the upper chest area and quickly releasing the breath without pausing or holding on to the breath. As the breath is released you immediately inhale again without pausing or holding at the end of the exhale. In this way there is a continuous cycle maintained of inhaling and exhaling without gaps. This is done consciously and with awareness, resisting the temptation to space out or go asleep. This is a deep part of the practice which encourages healing in the body by releasing energy that has become blocked or stored in the body as cellular memory. Painful emotional experiences from the past which have solidified in the body can be released during this phase. The conscious connected breathing technique helps the thinking mind to ‘get out of the way’ and allow the body to get on with healing itself. This phase is continued for 30 minutes. INTEGRATING – For the last stage of the practice you change the breathing pattern to one of deep relaxation breathing. This consists of slow deep breathing into the abdominal area, slowly inhaling and filling the abdomen like a balloon and then slowly releasing the breath. The emphasis is on gentleness and relaxation and its fine to pause and adjust the pace as feels natural. Rounding off the practice this way helps to integrate the experience, relaxing any anxiety that may have come up during the previous stage of conscious connected breathing and helping body and mind become synchronised and balanced. This is done for the final 20 minutes of the practice.

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