What we're about

An open call to all interested individuals, professionals, local independents, digital nomads, travellers, remote workers with independent careers, entrepreneurs, artist, creatives, real estate agencies, owners and investors in Dublin Co-living opportunities and accommodation solutions.

We are going to have an open roundtable conversation about Co-living movement, sharing accommodation solutions and opportunities to support the concept. Teaming up will allow us to not just get a much larger houses/apartments in the future but even to create a community in which accommodation consist of persons of similar interests. In that way of talking, we are going to simplify matching with the right person. Socialising and making a healthy relationship with future residents of the Co-living community is a good start point.

However, to be clear from the beginning I do not want to make dating events between future residents, but instead is a call to serious one who wants to change the things and contribute to the society. The meetup aims to learn from each other, connect, providing creative solutions and partnering between different sectors in the industries. Together will be made more natural things happen, along we are going to act better because Dublin deserves a well organised, happy and vibrant Co-living concept.

If you have any questions and suggestions about the meetup, do not hesitate to drop me a line,


P.S. Co-living is a choice of living in a community of like-minded people, who support the same lifestyle and values under the same roof.

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