What we're about

This is a meetup for all who are interested in data science and applied statistics.

We'll cover:
- Statistics
- Machine Learning
- Analytics
Major languages used include SQL, R & Python, but we're always open to new tools.

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Workshop: Data Science, Soup to Nuts

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We are starting off 2021 with something different: I am going to do a series of workshops on the process of working on a data project, specifically a dataset related to retail transactions. Over a series of workshops we will complete a data science project from start to finish, focusing on data exploration, modelling and communication.

All code for my workshops and talks can be found in this GitHub repo:


This workshop is contained in the ws_soupnuts_202101/ folder

This series of workshops is done live, with code being commited and pushed to dedicated GitHub repository that can be found here:


Previous workshops are available on the Dublin Data Science YouTube page at:


In the sixth workshop, we return our focus to what model outputs to present to the end-client. We discuss how to combine the outputs of our graph modelling, association rules and basic RFM modelling to segment our customer base and discuss the different groups of products bought by our segments.

We will discuss how to take a high level view of the work we have done, think about additional work that we have not undertaken and why, as well as starting to think about ways of presenting the outputs of this work to the client.

As before, this workshop will be recorded and made available online afterwards, and I will use Zoom as our platform of choice.

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Talk on Boosting

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