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The Freedom Journey: THIS IS A GROUP FOR SUFFERERS DEDICATED TO FULL RECOVERY FROM EATING DISORDER. Eating Disorder/Distress is widely misunderstood and often neglected. This is a 4 week Group Therapy meetup, that gives insight and understanding of what this "condition" is, it's roots and complications, some recovery tools and lots of recovery hope. The first key to a successful journey to recover from Eating Distress is that you decide to expand your knowledge of the condition. The group will be anonymous ( you don't need to put up your pics and you can give yourself any name you like). Host of the group is a qualified and highly experienced Eating Disorder Specialist. The group sessions will be guided in a confidential, friendly, safe and non-judgemental way. Full recovery is possible, step by step. 4 weeks, 2 hrs per group session/evening. Minimum participants: 10. Low cost: Euro 30/p/session.

Ongoing monthly support group in Dublin.

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