Dublin GCS Connect: Serverless

Dublin GCS Connect: Serverless
Dublin GCS Connect: Serverless
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WeWork Office Space Charlemont Exchange - Coworking & Office Space

Charlemont Street · Dublin

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Nearby transit: GRN Tram at Charlemont Luas Station (4 minute walk) 44 & 61 Lines at Dublin City South, Mercer Charlotte House Station (2 minute walk) Dublin Bikes Station directly outside of building

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Welcome to our first Serverless Meetup!

Come ready to network and learn something new. We'll have plenty of food and drinks as well so feel free to bring your friends!

All levels are welcome. This is a free event.

Please register on BOTH our Meetup page AND our Eventbrite page:

**We will be scanning tickets (simply have it available on your phone) for entry.**

1st Talk: Middy.js: a powerful middleware framework for your Node.js lambdas

Luciano Mammino will introduce why using middleware with Lambdas is convenient and give a very quick intro on Middy.js.

Luciano was born in 1987, the same year Super Mario Bros was released in Europe, which, by chance is his favourite game!
He started coding at the age of 12, hacking away with his father's old i386 armed only with MS-DOS and the QBasic interpreter and since then he has been professionally a software developer for more than 10 years.
He loves the fullstack web, Node.js & Serverless and co-authored "Node.js design patterns", launched fstack.link and Serverlesslab.com.

"In my experience with serverless architectures, I found out that middleware-oriented web frameworks are one of the missing building blocks in the serverless ecosystem, especially when building web APIs. Middy.js was born to fill this gap and allow Lambda developers to use the same mindset that is very common with more traditional web frameworks such as Express, Hapi or Fastify."

2nd Talk: Serverless Continuous Deployment and Observability

Serverless is about focusing on features and business value and using managed cloud services to build powerful applications. Serverless allows you to do more much faster. But there are plenty of pitfalls, all of which can sour your initial experiences of putting Serverless into production.

This talk covers the open source SLIC Starter project, showing how it is used to quickly adopt best practices and get to a successful production deployment without the pain. We will cover architecture, continuous deployment and observability.

Eoin is the CTO and co-founder of fourTheorem, a technology consultancy focused on modern applications and machine learning. He is also the author of "AI as a Service", a book on building serverless AI applications from Manning Publications. Prior to fourTheorem, Eoin worked in software architecture and product engineering in startups and large multinationals globally.

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Our purpose is to inspire innovation and discover solutions by forming meaningful, face to face connections. We hope you'll take something valuable away from each of our events.

All levels are welcome at our events, from junior software developers to managers to CTOs. If you're passionate about tech, we want to see you there!