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This group is for in-memory computing (IMC) users and those using, or interested in, IMC-related technologies and solutions. This meetup was designed for technical decision-makers, implementers and developers who work with in-memory computing, distributed computing, Big Data, Fast Data, IoT, HPC and FinTech solutions.

We're about database architects, software developers, Java enthusiasts, data scientists, CTOs, CEOs and everyone else interested in this field of data science. In-memory computing is designed to allow a huge number of users to process an unlimited amount of data. In other words, it’s designed for speed and scale. How does in-memory computing work? In-memory computing uses memory as the primary method of storing data. It leverages two key technologies: random-access memory (RAM) storage and parallelization.

In-Memory Computing 101
In-memory computing is based on massive parallel processing across a distributed computing cluster that shares all the available memory and CPU power in the cluster. The cluster can be built using commodity servers and scaled simply by adding new nodes. When new nodes are added, the system automatically rebalances the data across the nodes, providing extreme scalability along with data redundancy. IMC platforms can deliver a 1,000x or more increase in processing speeds compared to applications built directly on disk-based databases. Some IMC platforms support ANSI-99 SQL and ACID transactions, which make it simpler to integrate an IMC platform into an existing web-scale application and can allow the in-memory computing platform to serve as the system of record for the application.

The speed and scalability of an IMC platform enables hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) (aka hybrid operational/analytical processing (HOAP) or translytical processing). HTAP is the ability to run analytics on the operational data set at scale without impacting the performance of the system. Web-scale applications built on HTAP solutions such as an in-memory computing platform allow companies to gain real-time insights into user behavior and respond in real-time to any opportunities or threats from the changing behavior.

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