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Are you preparing for an interview as a software engineer or similar role? Do you love to solve technical algorithmic puzzles?

Then this place is for you :)

This club is for problem solvers who would like to brush their tech interview skills for interview and fun in encouraging environment.

Dublin became thrilling IT hub and many of tech companies (Google, FB, Amazon,...) use coding and system design interviews in interactive online/on-site 1:1 sessions. Very often we need to solve problem in plain text editor or whiteboard under tight time limit and without compiler, yay. And so, while there is lot of online materials and books, practice under such constrained conditions in pair or in group is irreplaceable.

These meetups provide the opportunity to practice tech interviews individually or together using various formats such as programming on paper, whiteboard, with or without compiler using various platforms with or without pint. It provides friendly space encouraging learning, experimenting and also safe failing. Our scope will oscillate around common topics such as interview preparation, algorithms, data structures, complexity analysis and later maybe also system design. We might include lectures, discussions, focus techniques, CV reviews, panel discussions... and crazy ideas are always welcome :)

We will use agile principles, interact a lot, experiments with formats, retrospect often and explore interesting ways how to get ourselves and meetups better.

You can engage with the community in our new FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/PractiseTechInterviewsDUB) and chat in Discord PrakTIS-DUB (https://discord.gg/6DWkcj5) chat group.

Contact us at dublin.praktis@gmail.com. Volunteers very welcome.

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Christmas Party 🎉 with logical puzzles 💡at Sam’s bar

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PrakTIS - Practise Coding Problem Solving together

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