What we're about

This is a meetup for Dublin-based users of Spark ( http://spark.apache.org ), the big data processing framework. The goal is to get a small group together, and to go deep into working examples. Many of the group will be new to Spark, but should be ready to go from beginner to expert in a short period. We will build up from some simple examples to some complex machine learning examples over the first 5 to 6 meetups. So be prepared to put the time in. We believe that Spark is the future of data processing so it's definitely a great way to invest in your future. The end goal is to build up a globally recognised pool of Spark expertise in Dublin.

Past events (12)

Spark Meetup - Real-Time Edition

Corvil Office

Data Warehousing with Spark (Take II)


Data-Warehousing and -Processing with Spark


Spark/NLP 2-4-1 Edition (former Spark Summit Edition)

Nitro EMEA HQ, 4th Floor, 1 Burlington Plaza