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"Dublin Tech Talks" brings the best folks around to talk and share their learnings. We would like to build a tech group who will share their learnings of upcoming technologies, demonstrate their innovations, and provide advice from their expertise.

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4 Case Studies of Measuring Customer Experience in New Ways and Improving CX

14 Whitefriar St, Peter Row

Harshal Patil will be talking to the group about 4 Case Studies of Measuring Customer Experience in New Ways and Improving CX

Why did 60% customers drop off at the simplest step?
Despite launching a coveted feature, why do we still have 100s of inbound support tickets?
Why were 10,000 customers angry with us?

These are the kind of questions Harshal Patil will bring to the audience in this session. Putting on his imitation Sherlock Holmes hat, Harshal will share uncommon tips and tricks to bring these questions to justice!

This session borrows from Harshal’s product experience, including as a product consultant and prior to that, as a Staff Product Manager at Twilio. He discovered some tips and tricks on measuring customer experiences (CX) and ways to improve CX. Harshal will share four case studies to illustrate missteps and learnings in measuring and improving CX.

### About the Speaker: Harshal Patil

Harshal Patil is a Product consultant and coach. Before this, Harshal was a Staff Product Manager in a B2B SaaS growth-stage company, Twilio. He has worked across company sizes ranging from 10 to 76,000 employees across Europe, America, and Asia, which has helped him learn and build a flexible work style. He specializes in helping businesses conduct data-driven customer research to make informed product decisions. You can follow along his product thoughts at www.harshal-patil.com

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