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🌞*Swimming in the sea is amazing all year around. It feels great and it is keeping us healthy. We are not competitive swimmers! The emphasis is on getting in the water, having fun, making good connections with others. After the swim we go to a café or pub for a drink/coffee/bite to eat and a chat.*🌞

🦭Who are we?
Our members are called Seals! We are a great bunch of people, sociable, friendly, interesting, of all ability levels, who meet up on a regular basis to swim in the sea. We have our favourite spots up and down Co. Dublin and sometimes further afield.

🏊🏾‍♂️ What kind of swimming can you expect?
Some Seals are involved in serious swimming but the emphasis here is on getting in the water, having fun, not distance, triathlons, or personal bests. Do as much and for as long as you feel comfortable. Whether you want to dip your toes in or swim out to the buoys, you are welcome and encouraged here.

🫖 What happens after the swim? Coffee/Tea maybe?
Oh yes! After the swim, we go to a local café for a long chat, unless it's really nice out and we stay on the beach with a picnic. We talk about how cold the water was, how exciting it was, how crazy it was, how good a hot cuppa feels... and we plan the next swim already.

⚠️Latest COVID rules
COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland (citizensinformation.ie)

Report incidents
Please report any incident you notice in the group (bad behaviour, bad experience, concerns, covid). We've rarely had problems but we want to make sure everybody feels safe and happy when they join us. Report incidents and look out for each other. Stay safe always!

🩳👙🥽 What to wear? Wetsuit or no wetsuit?
That's the most frequently debated topic among new Seals and the answer is... wear whatever is comfortable to you. Some of us like to stay warm and cover up every inch of their body with neoprene while others prefer to keep it to a minimum. Check out our Discussions section for tips!

📅 When do we swim?
We aim to organise at least one weekly swim at the weekend all year round, where Seals from all over the world (!) gather.

🦈Swim at your own risk

  • When you join the group we will ask you if you accept that swimming with us is at your own risk. If you do not accept that, then this is not for you.
  • You must be 18 years of age or over to join meetup and become a member of this group.
  • You are required to comply with any instructions from the event organiser on the day.
  • While we look out for each other when we are in the water, we are not a swimming club - just a bunch of like-minded individuals looking for an excuse to get into the sea all year round. If you are an expert swimmer, you might even find it frustrating that we do not stay in the sea long enough or swim far enough from the shore. The group merely coordinates the gathering of our members in various locations;

👌🏿Get involved.
Step 1: Join the group, that's the first step.
Step 2: Go to swims with the group!
Step 3: Organise swims. Once you've met us a few times, why not get in touch about suggesting and organising your own event. We love discovering new spots and you might have some great ideas.

Join the SEALS now and start having fun!


Upcoming events (4+)

Snámh sciobtha (a quick dip!)🐬

Needs a location

🌞🌞🌞Hi all, a sunny day is promised for tomorrow so why not start the weekend with a refreshing dip! We will gather at 7.30 and head in for a swim. If you like, bring along a flask and we can have a cup of tea afterwards. As always everyone is responsible for their own safety in the water. Hope you can make it.....John

Nortsoide swim: that tiny beach near Baily Lighthouse

Location visible to members

Let's explore the lunar landscapes of the Howth peninsula.
We start with a 15 mins hike (ie. not a walk to be done with flat soled shoes. Hiking shoes/trainers and long sleeved T-Shirts are recommended) to the beach itself. Views second to none. Meetup place summit car park.
Please note that the swim is at your own risk, we are not lifeguards, we just organise to meet and bring like minded people together!

Seapoint - high tide and sunshine swim on Sunday

Needs a location

Join the seals for a high tide and sunshine swim on Sunday morning.

New members are always welcome. We meet at the bicycle rack beside the Martello tower. If it’s your first time joining us for a swim – here are a few things you might want to know.

  • Bring layers of clothes to keep warm afterward and a flask with a hot drink.
  • After the swim, we will head to a local café for chats, pots of tea, coffee, and food - as you wish.

Please note that none of us are lifeguards or swimming instructors. Dublin Sea Swimming just facilitates the bringing together of swimmers. You are responsible for your own safety both in and out of the water. All members of the group swim at their own risk.

If for some reason you can't make it, PLEASE PLEASE take a minute and update your RSVP so we know not to wait for you.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Bloomsday swim, Ulysses publication centenary

Needs a location

Straw hats and Joycean attire not compulsory but certainly (heavily) encouraged. :-)

"Come forth, Lazarus. And he came fifth and lost the job"
(Ulysses, chapter 8).

Although the Ulysses plot takes place in 1904 and the book was written over the course of several years, it was only published in 1922, exactly 100 years ago this year. Let's celebrate it by having a swim in Joycean attire.


The final lines of Molly's soliloquy (obviously not all 40 pages of it), will be read.


Let's have a dive into the snotgreen and scrotumtightening sea. The swim is at your own risk! We are no lifeguards and we only arrange the meeting point. Make sure you have enough layers to keep warm before and after the swim, bring something warm to drink too. Some wear wetsuits, others don't so, some want to swim a bit of distance, others just want dip and get out - it's your swim, do what you want and meet us after...


Having demonstrated our incredible bravery, we will continue our adventure at a local café (time and venue TBC later, will try and source one that hopefully provides Joycean fare). Eating and drinking are at your own risk too. Will your eyes be bigger than your stomach? Don't leave it too late to sign up for the swim so I can book enough seats in the café afterwards.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, post them in comments for this swim. Browse discussions if you want to ask about the group or other events.

See you on Saturday June 18.

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Mid Week Adventure at Killiney 😊🏊‍♂️

Needs a location

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