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Wear a wetsuit if you like, most of us don't.
Swim distance or stay by the shore, do your own thing.
Join us over coffee afterwards.

Swimming in the sea is amazing all year around. It feels great and it is keeping us healthy. Our group is getting better and better with each meetup, people are very nice and friendly. After the swim we go to a café or pub for a drink/coffee/bite to eat and a chat.

Our members are called Seals! We are a great bunch of people who meet up on a regular basis to swim in the sea at various spots up and down Dublin. Because swimming in the sea never stops being amazing. Some seals are involved in serious swimming as well, but the emphasis here is on getting in the water, having fun, and the social side.

• Wetsuit or no wetsuit? That's the most frequently debated topic among new Seals and the answer is... wear whatever is comfortable to you. Some of us like to stay warm and cover up every inch of their body with neoprene while others prefer to keep it to a minimum. Check out our Discussions section for tips!

• What happens at our events? We aim to organise at least one weekly swim at the weekend all year rounds where Seals from all over the world (!) gather. We talk about how cold the water is going to be this time, go in and find that it's not that cold, get out and debate how cold we think it actually was. This is not a distance swim event or an endurance swim but a fun and friendly event. Afterwards, we go to a local café or pub in general for a long chat.

• Swim at your own risk. When you join the group we will ask you if you accept that swimming with us is at your own risk. If you do not accept that, then this is not for you. You must be 18 years of age or over to join meetup and become a member of this group. You are required to comply with any instructions from the event organiser on the day. While we look out for each other when we are in the water, we are not a swimming club - just a bunch of like-minded individuals looking for an excuse to get into the sea all year round. If you are an expert swimmer, you might even find it frustrating that we do not stay in the sea long enough or swim far enough from the shore. The group merely coordinates the gathering of our members in various locations;

• Get involved. Join the group, that's the first step. Once you've met us a few times, why not get in touch about suggesting and organising your own event. We love discovering new spots and you might have some great ideas.

Join the SEALS now and start having fun!


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Saturday swim Whiterock


Whiterock swim on Saturday. Tide will be on the way in and forecast looks promising! Swim in a wetsuit, swimsuit, bikini for 1 minute or 1 hour as you like! Sea is still cold so respect your own limits and bring layers, hot drinks etc for afterwards. Please note swim is at your own risk; there are no lifeguards in the group or at the location. We will meet at the entrance on the Vico Road at 3pm. Please arrive on time and, if you suddenly can't make it, please let us know and update your response accordingly. We will go for coffee afterwards.

Nortsoide swim: bull wall

Bull Island

Google Maps coordinates for the event: https://goo.gl/maps/YAPmgZ5GRH82 Let's try out bull wall next Sun 26/05 at 3.30pm. Lovely views on the bay and the iconic Poolbeg chimneys if the weather is OK. We'll grab some food at the Red Stables in St Anne's park afterwards. • Important to know You swim at your own risk! There are no lifeguards in the group or at the location at that time; the sea is cold; the weather uncertain. We merely facilitate the bringing together of swimmers. Arrive on time! it's really not the time of year when we like standing around in our bikinis and speedos looking for you and wondering if you are on your way, late, in bed or don't really exist at all. Update your attendance - if you can't make it, change your status

Seals Holiday

Needs a location

Hi everyone I realise this is very short notice but I thought I would put it up! I wonder if I could get a few people together to go to Gumbet, Bodrum in Turkey, going on 8th of June for one week. The cost is[masked] per person sharing this includes flights, transfers and BB in a 3 star hotel (hotel Baba) The holiday would be through Sunway www.sunway.ie. I have been in Bodrum a couple of times and the sea is so clear and beautiful to swim in. There is also lots to do there and beautiful restaurants, there are also many trips to go on. Let me know if you are interested..... Orla [Edit by Francois] Booking link: https://booking.sunway.ie/booking/results/package/airport/1/region/456/2019-06-08/7/1/2/0/0/0

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Nortsoide swim: bull wall

Bull Island

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