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Stephen Court 18-21 St. Stephen's Green · Dublin

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We're on St stephen's green, the entrance is beside the 24 hour Starbucks

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Hey everyone,

this month we have a favourite of DublinJS members, the Lightning Talks meetup. We'll have lots of talks which are ~5 mins in length on a wide variety of topics. Think of it like a mini-conference 😃

The following talks are currently lined up (although may be subject to change).

visualisation of duplicated code - Panpan Lin
I'll be talking about a side project of mine which is based on JSCPD and shows you the duplicated code in your codebase in an interactive graph presented as a network.

Living the pipeline dream - Robert Donnelly robdonncom
The (short) story of how we at CarTrawler built out our CI pipeline to run everything from static code analysis and unit tests to visual regression and acceptance tests, and the free tools available out there to do the same thing for your project.

Compiling C++ into browser Emscripten magic - Ertugrul Karademir
I'll go through my experience dealing with emscripten to webasm compilation.

Discovering WebAssembly in the Browser - Omar Sucapuca
A brief introduction to WebAssembly and how we can use it to our benefit

Smart home security with JS + Serverless - Paul Dailly
I built a security camera setup which detects the presence of intruders in my house, using raspberry PIs, Javascript and various serverless services such as AWS Step Functions and AWS Rekognition. Aim of the talk is to describe the architecture and my learnings in building it.

Epaper display + Mqtt = Good first IoT project - Christos Koutsiaris
Do you want to take your first steps into the IoT world? Let's go step by step on how to connect a microcontroller to a data source and fill an e-paper display with the information.

New in JavaScript - Sebastian Duque
An overview of the new language features added in ES2019/ES10 and how/why you might start using them now!

A pattern for using React in a jQuery based application - John Chacko

Server Side Rendering React with Next.js - Saul Wiggin

Unsticking position: sticky! - David Doran
Using the wonderful but temperamental "position: sticky" for pure-CSS sticky elements.

Truffle Elevate Dublin - Johanna Moran
Truffle Elevate is our three-day blockchain development workshop and community event. Elevate is designed to upskill both traditional and blockchain developers plus help them learn how to use Truffle's Ethereum Blockchain Development suite better than ever before to build enterprise-level applications!

Visualising the complex features of source code - Dr. Ivan Bacher
The talk will focus on a project that involved investigating the use of visualisations for encoding the complex features within a source code document. The main goal was to investigate the use of visualisations for source code understanding.

empress-blog Templates - Chris Manson
empress-blog is super quick for you to start a new blog with! But what if you want your own design? Gone are the days of struggling with strange server-side templating systems, it's time to embrace the static-site revolution 🎉

Visual regression testing made easy - Pat O'Callaghan
For JavaScript we can easily write unit or integration tests, but what about CSS? Adding visual regression testing to your testing arsenal will allow you to prevent regressions slipping through in your styling. Here we'll give a brief overview of how to quickly get up and running with this style of testing.

Timeline (subject to change):
Doors open - 6.30pm
Talks start - 7pm
End - 9pm

Chris & Pat