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Dublin Power BI User Group
Dublin Power BI User Group
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Location Update: We are in the Swift Suite
Time Update: Starting at 6:00PM

*** Power Platform Show & Tell ***

In this user group, we're running 15 minute show & tell sessions form various speakers on what they've achieved on the Power Platform. Some business, some fun!

We're busy gathering speakers so will update the agenda closer to the time. If you have a session you'd like to present then please get in touch!

This user group session has kindly been sponsored by Power BI Sentinel. They will give a presentation on how Sentinel can complement your Power BI estate via documentation, backup, change tracking & data lineage.
More details here: https://www.powerbisentinel.com/


Bob Duffy
Enterprise Power BI DevOps for lazy people
Deploying and configuring Power BI workbooks with multiple environments and projects can be manual and time consuming. See some tips n tricks for doing more with less using PowerShell Library’s on GitHub

Alex Whittles
Power BI Sentinel
Alex will give us an overview of Power BI Sentinel and how it can help you manage your Power BI Estate

Benni De Jagere
They’re doing WHAT?! to my Power BI Tenant?
Ever wondered what is actually happening on your organization’s tenant, and weren’t able to quite explain it all? If only you had some data at the ready about who’s been doing what things .. We’ll go through some quick and easy ways to get all activities on your tenant through the REST API’s, and be able to some detailed analysis on this.

Nicky van Vroenhoven
A Form, a Flow and a Power BI Streaming Dataset Walk Into a Bar…
A live demo session that demonstrates the Microsoft Power Platform of products working together to create an interactive data application.

Ana Maria Bisbe York
The power of Power BI Community Tools
Have you had to review the contents of your pbix files, perhaps find where a field is used, or compare versions to detect the differences? In this short session I will comment, very briefly on some of the tools that will help you in these and other tasks that you face in your day to day with Power BI. Let's talk about the tools that will allow you to improve your performance and productivity at work.

Mary Fealty
Power Query’s Column by Examples ROCK!
I will show you just how quickly you can often do the transformation you need via Column by Examples. You’ll see how satisfying can be to let Power Query do a lot work for you, with just a tiny bit of training.

Jan Pieter Posthuma
Go beyond the usual pie/bar charts – the takeouts
In preparation of my general session at the Power Platform World Tour Dublin, some custom visuals didn't make the cut because of there behaviour. But there are not lost: they are the stars in this session. So join me as we are taking a look at the dark side of Custom Visuals for Power BI.

Ben Watt
Let the image Flow
Live action demo! Send Ben a photo and it will get analysed for faces & objects. We'll see live stats on a streaming dashboard and analysis of the results.