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R is an open source language commonly used for statistical computing. There are an estimated 1 million R users worldwide, and that number is rapidly growing.

The Dublin R Users Group is dedicated to promoting R in Ireland, and the bringing together R practitioners to exchange tips, ideas and knowledge.

Dublin R also looks at emergent programming languages related to technical computing and data analytics, such as Julia ( with a view to providing a foundation for a Julia specific user group)

Anyone interested in or curious about R, statistical computing, data analysis, analytics and graphical visualization, or anything else that relates to R or Julia, is very welcome to join up.

Upcoming events (2)

Why R? Dublin - Call for Participation & Expressions of Interest

Hi folks

We are planning a series of Why R? events around Ireland. If you would like to get involved, please get in contact with us ( email : kontact [at] whyr [dot] pl )

The date used for meetup.com is the Saturday corresponding to the main Why R? conference in Warsaw

Time Series Analysis workshop with R
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

We will be use Azure notebooks for this workshop. Create an account at notebooks.azure.com

The class will officially open at 10:30. For the first half hour, we will be preparing everyone. Please try to get set up as soon as possible. The workshop proper will commence at 11:00.

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