Getting up and running with VueJS.


For this month's meetup I'll be going through how to set up a development environment so you can be as productive as possible with Vue. I'll be working with Visual Studio on the Mac, however, the plugins will work with other editors and platforms.

I'll be covering the following plugins:

* ESLint
* Vetur
* Snippets Suite

I will also go through how to create a real world front-end application using Vue.

This will be part 1 of an ongoing series of talks in which we'll build a real world application covering the typical use cases of a front-end application, working with APIs, managing state across pages, 2 way data binding and so on. I'm aiming for this series of talks to cover 3 to 4 talks in total.

We should have a second talk on the night too. As always if you would like to talk on a topic message me and let me know!