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What we’re about

Are you over 25, live in Dumfries and Galloway and want to make new friends?

Maybe you are new to the region or you are still single while most of your friends have gotten married and had children. This group has been created for people just like you! Activities include meeting for drinks, cinema, theatre, dancing, walks, adventure days: just about anything really, as long as it brings people together! Dumfries Social Group is NOT a dating group, nor is it a singles group. It is simply a group for people who would like to expand their social circle.

N.B. The age limit is not set in stone. If you are under 25 and you wish to come and hang out with us then you are welcome to join us.

Scale of charges for 2020

Membership fee remains at £ 12 for the year. This covers administration costs, and is payable within 1 month (or 3 events attended) of joining.  This should give you enough time to experience how friendly the other members are, and view the array of meet ups that we enjoy! If you would like to join, you can pay directly to the administrator, who can issue you a receipt, or, alternatively, email for our bank details. 

Fees run from January to December.

Please pay your renewal membership by the end of January to avoid the risk of being removed from the site.

New  members joining in the year

January to December-joining in the first quarter (Jan-Mar)-£ 12

April to December-joining in the second quarter (Apr-Jne)-£ 9

July to December-joining in the third quarter (Jly-Sep)-£ 6

October to December-joining in the fourth quarter (Oct-Dec)-£ 3

If you join us and do not attend an event within 3 months, then you will be removed from our group. This does not mean that you cannot rejoin. It ensures that we have active members.

N.B. If Dumfries Social Group offer a contribution to ticket prices for either Christmas or Hogmany parties, members joining from April to December will not qualify, unless you pay the full year fee of £ 12.

Cannot see anything that you like? If you have an activity that you feel would appeal to others, then please, either send admin an email, or, alternatively, feel free to contact one of the event organisers, who can create the event for you.

Social Media.

NB. Our Facebook page and Twitter feesds are currently inactive.

The settings were changed last year to protect our female members, some of whom were receiving unpleasant messages. This means that, if you attend an event, nobody from outside the group can see, as we are now a CLOSED group.

Please note that your profile photo must be a solo photograph, clearly showing your face, and must be a recent photo of yourself.  This is to ensure that we recognise you when you come to your first event, and you can recognise the people that you will be joining. Requests to join without this requirement will NOT be accepted.