What we're about

This group is intended to be a support, and potentially social, group for anyone with Autism in Dundee or surrounding areas.

This group will:

1) Provide a discussion page on topics related to Autism so members who don't like leaving the house or are nervous about group meetings can still interact online.
2) Look for a suitable, quiet/safe place to meet if some members would like to have discussions face to face.
3) Treat each other with dignity and respect

For those interested we can progress to group activities, for those that are comfortable in doing so, like an afternoon out walking, going to the botanical gardens, camperdown park, gardening, woodworking, anything that people can do?

This group will be a work in progress. How can we support and encourage each other?

For the discussions, we can have (my Autistic need to catergorise everything!) social, support, technical, either online or in meetings or both:

Support discussions (suggestions): Difficulty with access to Adult services through Wedderburn (or Alloway)? Have a problem with benefits? Keeping, or getting a job? Problems with diagnoses and waiting lists? Let’s share tips and help.

Technical discussions (suggestions): What is Autistic camouflaging? What is Autistic sensory overload? What is the Autistic sensory funnel? What is Autistic mirroring? What are the differences in the Autistic brain? Why NTs use top down thinking and Autistics use bottom up thinking? Let’s share knowledge.

'valuing diversity works ok when it come to differences in the physical body, but when it comes to differences in the individual mind then valuing diversity goes out the window'. Let's change that!


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