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HI there, if U love love, and are someone who feels they could love more than one person then you might be interested in the world of polyamory. Most people hear the word polyamory and they think 'swingers club' this is not the case. The word polyamory literally means 'many love' and yes, physical intimacy can be a part of that but it's not the only part. If you are a potential-poly-person :) and you are interested in meeting and chatting over the idea of being able to love more than one person we'd love to hear from you. This group is not a swinging or kink group (although we acknowledge and respect that that is a significant part of the poly world), we are not driven by the idea that sex is at the forefront of a polyamorous relationship, it's really about the ability to love big and love broad whether that love has a sexual component or not.

If you feel like you are someone who can/does/wants to not be restricted to loving only one person, even if you haven't put the word 'polyamory' to that feeling before, then you should connect with us so we can have a NSA coffee and chat about what it really means to be polyamorous and be open to loving more than just one person.

If this is a new idea to you, the best way to describe what we are talking about is first understand what 'love' really is. The article below talks about the different types of love and there is no logical reason to believe that one monogamous partnership can provide all these types of love so we are open to the principle of finding fulfilling relationships with more than one person who can provide for us, and us for them, different levels of love. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hide-and-seek/201606/these-are-the-7-types-love

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