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Anyone who enjoys being active in sports and wants to find a new passion in life, etc. Why not try out Volleyball and/or Table Tennis?

This group has reached it's present limit - which I cannot extend, unless someone offers to pay for the upgrade to enable more? Email me directly at kiwilove2006@yahoo.com for any local info you desire regarding Volleyball and/or Table Tennis.

This Meetup is not about the competitive side to these sports - but more so for the social/fun side - to encourage those who have played before - to return back into it? And for those who have started their life journey in it - to improving their skills and become very active in it.

And for beginners - you're not at any disadvantage at being relatively new or inexperienced - you may not realise it - but for absolute beginners - you do have some advantage over those who have played 'socially' without coaching help - in that you would not have old habits to hold you back.

I am not a coach - nor coaching assistant - but like to see people playing better and better - which is possible if you put the time and effort into it. And you do have more 'fun' this way - when you can grow into a better and better player - if you so desire?

It is a fun way of doing exercise - and of meeting new people - who share the same kind of values, etc.

If you do join this Meet Up - please do write something about yourself - and what you like to happen from here?

I will give out info - where you can go - to see these social sports being active - and it's possible for you to join in - if you so desire.... though Volleyball is a bit harder to get into because gym space is limited at the moment - but something can be organised maybe? If there's enough people wanting the same thing to happen... Where there is the desire - there is a way....

Those who are particularly entering their 'old age' - need to exercise regularly to maintain their overall health and well being. Though at any other age - sport participation is desirable as well - as your lifestyle determines how your body appearance is.

And if you have played sport throughout your life (or during most of it?) - you are always better off, doing so.

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