What we're about

This is for people who LOVE to play dungeons and dragons and craft beer.

This is a place where you get to take on another identity and role play in a fantasy world.

Please note that there is a 14 day free trial and then there will be $2.75 a month member dues. This will be use to help pay to keep this server up and running. I want this also to be used towards reserving tables at different places (I’m hoping for more DMs to run different games here) and for snacks at the game sessions.

I'm doing this to keep only those who want to be here and play. I don't want to keep out those who really want to play, but can't due to group size limit.

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Session 16 of Dungeons & Dragons with Craft Beer

Spider Bite Beer Co.

The Band of the Crimson Cloth have set upon the road to the secret cave ... looking for followers has made them unaware of the danger before them. Carlin is hearing voices on the wind ... the black spider is filling with rage and has gathered a force to end this madness ... the Rockseeker clan must end ... glasstaff's gang has been killed but the spider will still prevail.

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Session 15 of Dungeons & Dragons with Craft Beer

Spider Bite Beer Co.

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