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Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying 5e
First session. New players will be introduced to the game -- and all players can create their characters based on 8 provided templates (, levels 4-8). Together as a group, we will begin roleplaying once preliminary steps are over. I will be using elements from a created secondary world, as well as Tolkien's Middle Earth. I will also make use of PowerPoint, maps & prepared handouts. Players should bring their own D&D dice set, as well as pencil and paper. New and experienced players are welcome. As the location is at VanCity, bring no food or drink.


5064 KIngsway · Burnaby, BC

Respond by: 1/6/2019

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    Are you interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons? Starting on January 6, 2019, our Co-Organizer Alan Colquhoun will start running monthly D&D games from 2 - 5pm at the Vancity Community Stage (1st Sunday of each month). As well, if there is enough interest, online games with Fantasy Grounds will be arranged. All you need is pencil/paper and a D&D dice set (3 x d6, 2 x 2d10 and 1 x 1d20). For online play, you can download Fantasy Ground's free demo software. Both have a limited number of "seats."

    Support will be provided for both the onsite and online games via (D&D characters and setup of Fantasy Grounds, etc). Registration for any D&D event, whether onsite or online, will be posted one month in advance on Refer to the posted events for any scheduled games. You will need to be a member of this meetup group to attend any monthly meetings. No prior D&D roleplaying experience is necessary, but for online games, you will need a computer and internet connection.

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