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Game Day!
All, Join us for some games. There will be lots to choose from and feel free to bring your favorites as well. If you don't have any games, just bring yourself. 5 to 10 more people show up than sign up so we generally have a good crowd. See you soon! We want to make a good impression on our new hosts so please buy something from them - even if its just a soda! The managers told me the store also benefits if we fill out the on-line survey on the sales receipt. It took me about 4 minutes and I can get a free drink or other side stuff while helping to support our new venue. You can request a link to fill out the survey from the cashier even if you don't buy anything. Note for first timers - Arriving early or at least by the start of the meetup is the best way to be sure to get into a game right off. If you can't make it by then, don't worry as people show up throughout the event and you should be able to get into a game pretty quick.

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    What we're about

    We are a Sunday afternoon Meetup group for board games, card games, trivia contests, and other challenges of luck, strategy and fun. Events are held in the DC Metro area and are Metro Rail accessible.

    We meet in the DC Metro Area. Game events include:

    Eurogames: Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, Bohnanza, Thurn und Taxis
    Party games: Trivial Pursuit, Cranium, Apples to Apples
    Strategy and Tactics Games: Risk, Axis and Allies, Stratego, Battleship
    Card games: Spades, Eucre, Canasta, Hearts

    We'll have several games going at once, so if you play out of one game, chances are there'll be another game you can join.

    Got a game you'd like to play? Be sure to share your suggestions!

    Just a few FYIs/ground rules for these events...

    Please be respectful of the facility and help clean up afterwards.
    Attendance is free. However, if you can make a $1 or $2 donation to help cover the cost of the Meetup website, we appreciate it.
    Many locations that we meet at do not permit alcohol.
    For coffee shop or restaurant locations, please purchase a cup of coffee or sandwich to support the venue. For public locations or events at member's homes, feel free to bring snacks and beverages.
    For MeetUps with a set number of people, we ask that you respect the limit and wait list. Certain locations have limited seating and space so to continue to utilize certain venues, we have to respect their space and regular business by not overcrowding it.

    Thanks for joining the group! We look forward to meeting you!

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