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Friday Evening Sand Volleyball 4s/5s at RTI

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This Meetup is a coed volleyball group open to intermediate or advanced players over the age of 18. Intermediate is defined as understanding of the game, positions, and basic strategies. Players in this group must have some ball control with the ability to serve, pass, set and hit.

The Meetups posted are mainly sand (2s-5s) and indoor (6s). We host events throughout the year where we reserve courts specifically for our group. We also post open pick-up events that are held throughout the Triangle area, so that our members know where they can go to play.

For sand volleyball, we follow the most current AVP/FIVB rules. We will call a violation on any carries/lifts, net touches, set overs or open hands on first ball received and double hits. Hand setting rotation is not called as tightly as most leagues/tournaments; only the most obvious illegal sets are called. We encourage players to call themselves.

For indoor volleyball, most of our church facility events play 'set middle'. At some of our community center events that are filled with stronger players, there may be either a 6-2 or 5-1 formation. Most indoor events are courtesy posts, and it is important to know and follow the rules of the venue.

If you're a beginner or novice in sand play, we recommend joining TSV-Rec (Triangle Sand Volleyball-Recreational). Many of our players started there before joining our group.

Your profile picture should be of you, and should be relatively clear.

This is a very active group with a lot of fun, friendly people. Many members join the group when they were new to the Triangle area, and used it as a place to meet new people. The friendships made on the court often extend off the court as well.

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