What we're about

Hello everybody! This group is dedicated to those of us suffering from Health Anxieties, Depression, and Loneliness whom could benefit from meeting other individuals much like yourself, and talking about the issues in a comfortable group setting, free of judgement and free of criticism. It is together, we will tackle issues of fear and talk about some of the triggers that set our fears in motion. Together, we will talk out our strategies to combat these issues in a safe, and effective way. Planned activities like exercise walks in nearby parks together on nice days can be set up, or picnics and potlucks to create a family-friendly atmosphere so that everyone can feel included.

The goal of this group is to open ourselves up and release the weight of those fears bogging us down. To meet new people, network, and make new friends and discuss strategies from many different points of view to find one that fits you. The goal of this group is to relax, make new friends and acquaintances and show you are not alone in your struggles.


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Health Anxiety Meetup at MadHatter's!

Mad Hatter's Bake Shop

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