What we're about

( This group is for any breed any age any size ) This is a group for anyone interested in doing stuff with there dog going to dog parks,hiking,walking,camping,kayaking,events etc with there dog(s). I decided to make this group for all breeds of dogs as when i was looking to join meet up groups most where breed-specific. ( Free ) dog Training Classes we will have a few meet ups for training so if you have something you want to work on or a new trick you want to teach your dog(s) if you need help we will be here to help If you don't have a dog feel free to come to any meet up or event

Also if you are a member of the group and you do a 6 training classes with me you will get one class for free but you have to go to at least 3 meet ups before you are consider a member

-A Few Things To Know-

Attendances If you can't attend an even if you’re on a waiting list remove/update your registration right away

No Show - not showing up and leaving your RSVP as yes. We don’t want to be sitting around waiting for someone that is not going to show up

- if you RSVP for an event and don't show up and you didn't let the organizer know you will have lost 2 strikes

Late Cancelling - cancelling out of an event within 24 hours or less before the event with out a reason

If you have RSVP for an event and you can't make it thats fine let the organizer know ( preferably the day before the event )

Please be aware that if you Late Cancel more then 2 time or no show 1 time you may not be able to RSVP to future hikes until the day before the hike/event.

Drivers if you are able to drive others to the location or event please do so. If you receive a ride offer the driver gas money

Off leash As responsible dog owners we will:

- be aware of where our dogs are at all times

- put are dogs on leash or call them to are side when we see other people on the trail and stay on the side of the trail until they pass

PLEASE NOTE Acknowledge that you are coming out to this event/meet up at your own risk and that you are solely responsible for yourself and your dog(s) safety and well being.


- All dogs are welcome this being said if you have a really small dog make sure you always proceed with caution we don't want any small dogs being stepped on by other people or dogs

-all ways be respectful of other people and their dogs

- if your dog gets in to a fight it happens Depending on the situation will depend on what will happen most of the time it's not a big deal

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Toronto Pet Expo!

6900 Airport Rd Mississauga, Ontario L4V1E8

Scarborough let's go hiking Wednesday

Twyn River Area with parking

Last minute meetup

Twyn River Area with parking


Altona Forest/St Elizabeth Seton Catholic School

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