Introduction to Natural Language Generation and its role in trivago

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Welcome to the Oct'19 chapter of Düsseldorf Data Science Meetup. In this event, Dr. Saad Mahamood will present us with his talk: "Introduction to Natural Language Generation and its role in trivago."

*** Agenda ***
• 18:30 - 19:00: Arrival, get a drink and socialize
• 19:10 - 19:40: Talk
• 19:40 - 20:10: Q&A
• 20:10 - Open End: Socialising

*** Introduction to Natural Language Generation and its role in trivago. ***

In this talk, Saad will give an in-depth introduction to the field of Natural Language Generation. He will talk about the fundamentals of this topic and the areas of research that are currently being conducted with the NLG research community. Finally, he will describe an applied use of NLG within trivago to generate descriptions of hotels from accommodation metadata with a high level of content and linguistic variation in English.

*** About the Speaker ***
Dr. Saad Mahamood is a NLG Expert & Data Scientist working for trivago. Since obtaining his PhD from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, he has been working in the field of NLG in both academic & commercial contexts for more than 13 years and has published several peer-reviewed papers.

Thanks to trivago for hosting & sponsoring this edition of the Düsseldorf Data Science Meetup. There will be food and drinks available.