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Building IoT solutions using Azure IoT Edge

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In this meetup Edwin van Wijk (Principal Architect @ Info Support and Microsoft MVP) will tell us all about Azure IoT Edge, a service that enables you to build distributed IoT solutions that leverage "edge" devices.

The IoT Edge run-time uses the power of containerization with Docker to run all kinds of workloads on edge devices like a PC, a Raspberry Pi, a robot or a drone. These workloads could be: Machine Learning jobs, Stream Analytics jobs, Azure Functions but also your own custom code. In this meetup we will focus on building your own edge modules using C# in Visual Studio Code.

The meetup will have 2 parts. First, Edwin will introduce IoT Edge and show how you can use it to build an IoT Solution, including showing a demo of a working IoT Solution running on multiple edge devices. After that, you can participate in the workshop in which you will use IoT Edge (combined with some other Azure services) to build and run this solution yourself. Once you've got the solution up & running and want to learn more, we've got some bonus point assignments for you!

For participating in the workshop, there are some prerequisites:

  • You need access to an active Azure subscription.
  • Visual Studio Code
  • You need an edge device with the IoT Edge runtime on it in order to run Edge Modules. During the workshop we will provide instructions on how to install the IoT Edge runtime on your device. There are 3 options you can use:
  1. Use your own laptop. For this to work, you need Docker for Desktop running on your machine.
  2. You can spin up a simulated edge device in Azure. This is the simplest way of running Edge Modules (you don't have to do anything before the workshop).
  3. Bring your own Raspberry Pi (3 or up) and use that. But be aware: you're responsible for getting it connected to the venue's WiFi!!

This evening is kindly sponsored by InSpark, who are providing the food, drinks, and venue.

Dinner is available from 18:00. The session will start at 18:45-ish.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 17th!

De Oude Molen 3 · Amstelveen, NH
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