Xamarin Revolve


Update: the location is Xpirit/Xebia, Laapersveld building II @ Laapersveld 61, Hilversum. Go to the 2nd floor, the "Appel" room is to the left. Dinner will be ready at 18.00.

There is parking space around the building and on the streets surrounding the building.

Please note: Do NOT park your car inside the gates of other companies, because these gates will close in the evening and you won't be able to get your car out.


In October, Xamarin held their 2nd Evolve conference, introducing a boatload of new features in the Xamarin platform to over 1200 mobile developers. On our next Meetup, November 11th, we're going to talk about the new features and do an in depth session about Xamarin.Forms.


18:00 Welcome & diner

19:00 Presentation: What's new in Xamarin?

Vincent Hoogendoorn & Roy Cornelissen

In this presentation, Vincent and Roy will go over the most important annoucements made at Evolve 2014, and highlight two of the new features: Sketches and Insights.

-- Short Break --

20:00 Presentation: Xamarin.Forms

Marco Kuiper & Marcel de Vries

Marco and Marcel will dive into Xamarin.Forms, which was announced earlier this year. Using a real life app, Marcel and Marco will show how Xamarin.Forms works, what its possibilities and limitations are, and also dive into some more advanced stuff like custom renderers and databinding.