• 2018 Q4 Meetup - Xamarin & IOT with Brandon Minnick

    18:00 Doors open & Dinner 19:00 *Brandon Minnick* (Microsoft) Xamarin & IoT It's difficult to understand the sentiment of a text message. Is it happy? Is it angry? After receiving an onslaught of texts one day, I created a solution: turn an IoT light bulb red for angry texts and green for happy texts! Join me as we review its AI + serverless architecture to learn how! This talk leverages Xamarin + IoT + Serverless apps that change the color of a Philips Hue lightbulb based on the sentiment of your text messages. It combines Twilio APIs, Azure Functions, Microsoft Cognitive Services, SignalR, a Xamarin mobile app and Philips Hue! 21:00 Closing & drinks

  • 2018 Q3 Meetup - Xamarin, Azure & Chat bots with René Ruppert and More

    Science Park - Startup Village

    Join us for a fun evening during the Q3 Meetup! This time, Xamarin.University lecturer from Microsoft René Ruppert (@rene_ruppert) is our first guest speaker. More details on the second session soon! 18:00 Doors open & Dinner 19:00 Session 1: *René Ruppert* (Microsoft) The favorite color I'm painting my Xamarin Apps with? Azure, of course! Learn how Microsoft Azure can supercharge your app with AI and serverless Functions. Bonus: see how sending push notifications with Visual Studio App Center is pure joy. 20:00 Session 2: *Geert van der Cruijsen* (Xpirit) Bots are the new Apps? Building chatbots from idea to production. In this session Geert will explain how to build your own bots using .Net, C#, Azure and the Microsoft Bot Framework. During the session we will cover all areas involved in building a successful production ready bot. Starting from the initial idea to getting a prototype working as fast as possible to actually running it in production on channels such as skype, facebook or telegram. After this session you'll be fully ready to build your own bot that will conquer the world (if Sarah Connor doesn't stop it) 21:00 Closing & drinks

  • Dutch Mobile & Azure Meetup Crossover

    Science Park - Startup Village

    We'll be doing an awesome crossover with our friends over at the Dutch Azure Meetup ( https://www.meetup.com/Dutch-Azure-Meetup/events/247188521/ )! Expect Xamarin, Azure, hands-on practice and loads of fun! Don't forget to bring your laptop. Agenda: 18:00 Doors open & Dinner 18:40 - 19:00 Mobile: Xamarin & Xamarin.Forms Learn how to build an app using Xamarin and let's go over some new announcements around Xamarin.Forms 3. 19:00 - 19:20 Azure: Business Layer The first steps in the Azure cloud to host the back-end of your app. Think about Serverless, App Services, AKS, Service Fabric. What to choose? 19:20 - 19:40 Azure: Data Layer Let's store the data of our application in Azure. Would you go for Storage, SQL and/or CosmosDB or even Azure Mobile apps? Let's debate the pros and cons. 19:40 - 21:00 Hands-on: Mobile & Azure With all our knowledge about Xamarin and Azure: Let's build a full solution! Use Xamarin.Forms, deploy to Azure App Services and store data in CosmosDB. The hosts of the evening will provide you with some bootstrap-code to get you up and running quickly. 21:00 Closing & drinks Due to the nature of this crossover, don't expect a full deep-dive into these technologies. Expect some inspiring level 200 sessions that give you a great overview to build apps with Xamarin and use the power of Azure in combination with some hands-on experience! For details on Parking & Getting to the location (Route), please check the following: https://tinyurl.com/meetup-parking https://tinyurl.com/meetup-route

  • 2018 Q2 Meetup - Flutter & Open Space on the future of mobile development

    Alert: We changed the program a bit. We have the chance to have a session by John Gorter who is a trainer at Infosupport on Flutter and we thought it would be nice for Xamarin / .Net developers to have a look into what other ecosystems are doing. John will talk you through an introduction to building mobile apps using Flutter. In this hour he will show you the basics of the Dart programming language and Flutter basics to build native iOS and Android applications. The second part of the evening will be an interactive session where we discuss the future of mobile app development and how the .Net eco system and Xamarin fit in this. What are the new trends, features and things your apps should have. How does Xamarin compare to it's competitors (Native development, React Native, Progressive web apps) these are all things we will discuss. We'll start the open space with a 10 minute presentation by Geert van der Cruijsen who will show his opinion and vision of the current mobile app development landscape. After that we will break out into multiple discussion groups and discuss things regarding the future of Mobile app development. Topics will be gathered from the attendees but we will have some sample topics as well: * What is Xamarins place in the Mobile world with increasing competition from Flutter / React native / the Web. * Xamarin Forms. Is Forms the way to go or does Xamarin Native rule? * Progressive web apps. Is the web finally catching up to native apps or is it still a long way off * Xamarin on the web with ooui and web assembly. just for fun or the future? Geert van der Cruijsen, Roy Cornellisen and Marco Kuiper will be moderating the discussions. 18:00 - 19:00 Doors open & Dinner 19:00 - 20:00 Flutter introduction by John Gorter 20:00 - 20:10 The Future of mobile apps (intro by Geert van der Cruijsen) 20:10 - 21:00 Open space / Breakout discussions 21:00 Closing & drinks

  • 2018 Q1 Meetup - .NET Standard & EF Core and Feature Toggles

    It's 2018! Let's kick off another year with the Dutch Mobile .NET Developers on March 1st. InfoSupport in Veenendaal is our generous host this evening. We have sessions on Entity Framework Core & Feature Toggles. 18:00 Doors open & Dinner 19:00 *Entity Framework Core now available for your Xamarin projects* John Bijsterbosch With the 'newly' added support of .NET Standard for Xamarin projects, a whole new world is available to us Xamarin developers. With .NET Standard, more parts of the .NET Framework become available cross platform. Since the release of Entity Framework Core, which has support for SQLite databases, we can now use this within our Xamarin projects! Wow! And a big wow after you'll see the easiness of implementing this in your Xamarin app! 20:00 *Separate Deployment & Release in the Mobile World* Marcel de Vries & Marco Kuiper As software is used more and more by businesses it is essential to ensure that you can deploy software multiple times a day without affecting users. To truly achieve Continuous Delivery, we need to separate the deployment and release process. Deploying is both a technical and development team decision, while Releasing is a joint business decision. Feature Toggles (or Feature Flags) can help to separate these processes. Let's see how this can be achieved in the Mobile World with some practical tips & lessons learned from the wild! 21:00 Closing & drinks

  • 2017 Q4 Meetup: Xamarin & Prism

    Xpirit HQ

    We're happy to announce that in this Meetup we have some special guests from Belgium. Bart Lannoeye, Windows Development MVP and PRISM contributor on GitHub, and Glenn Versweyveld, MVP for Windows Platform Development and Xamarin, will give a talk on PRISM and RESTful Xamarin Forms apps. Firstly, Bart will give us an in-depth look at PRISM, a framework for building loosely coupled, maintainable, and testable XAML applications in WPF, Windows 10 UWP, and Xamarin Forms. Secondly, Glenn will his talk Create connected mobile Xamarin apps - the right ( and lazy ) way! Most mobile apps rely on an internet connection to get hold of their data. But by doing so, a lot of issues can arise while trying and in the process the app still needs to feel fast and usable to the end user. In this session, we will show you how you can set up a robust connected app with a minimum of effort in Xamarin forms. We will target a remote REST service and incorporate the data in our app, presenting it to the user. This will involve heavy use of several nuget packages, that will help us in getting an optimal user experience. We will look at REFIT to easily map out the REST service calls, use Akavache to enable a local disk cache, integrate Polly for some retry mechanisms and rely on PRISM for a nice MVVM flow. So everything a seasoned Xamarin forms developer needs to know to get a production ready connected app. 18:00 Food starts 19:00 Talks 21:00 Drinks & Closing

  • 2017 Q3 Meetup: Optimizing Shared code with Xamarin & Mobile Devops

    The 3rd meetup of the year will be at Freshheads in Tilburg on September 26th where we host another evening with talks about Xamarin and mobile development. Join us for 2 awesome talks and meeting other mobile developers 18:00 Doors open & Dinner 19:00 Session 1: Maximising your Shared code in Xamarin Stefan Moonen Stefan will be talking about how Freshheads leverages MVVM to maximise cross-platform code sharing in their projects. Xamarin is always praised as the holy grail to accomplish this, but few teams use it to the full extent of it’s possibilities. But often it’s also a question of how far you want to go, and where benefits end. 20:00 Session 2: Visual Studio Mobile Center Youp Hulsebos & Mittchel van Vliet Mobile devops is a hot topic and Microsoft is trying to combine all their devops tools into 1 solution for all your devops needs called Visual Studio Mobile center. In this session we'll see if the promise is real and look at pro's, cons and alternatives. 21:00 closing & drinks

  • 2017 Q2 Meetup: Build Recap

    Info Support

    Join us for a fun evening during the May Meetup! The Microsoft Build Developer (https://build.microsoft.com/) conference took place from 10 - 12 May 2017 in Seattle. We saw a lot of Xamarin/Mobile goodness during the conference and we'll do a recap on what's announced and share our own vision and knowledge. InfoSupport is our generous host this evening. Programme: [18:00] Doors open; Dinner & drinks [19:00] Intro [19:05] Visual Studio for Mac / Xamarin.Forms [19:30] Xamarin Live Player / Fastlane / Embedinator [20:00] - break - [20:15] XAML Standard / Project Rome / Mobile Center [20:45] Open Space [21:00] Drinks & socialising

  • 2017 Q1 Meetup


    It's 2017! Let's kick off another year with the Dutch Mobile .NET Developers on Feb. 22nd. Centric in Gouda is our generous host this evening. We have sessions on ReactiveUI and VR using Unity3d and C# 18:00 - Doors open & dinner 19:00 - ReactiveUI Stefan Moonen Stefan has been working with the ReactiveUI (http://reactiveui.net) framework for some time now. He will share all the cool things he Observed (pun intended). 20:00 - VR in a Box Timmy Kokke Timmy Kokke is going to talk about building a cross platform VR app for the Google Cardboard using Unity3D and C#. He's going to show some of the basics of Unity3D, how to get a new project up and running and how to develop against that using C# in Visual Studio. Eventually he's going to deploy the app to a mobile phone.

  • November meetup @ Xpirit HQ!

    Xpirit HQ

    Update! We have a change of plan regarding the schedule for the evening, but we think you're going to love this! Check out who joined our Meetup group today and RSVP'ed for November 17th: That's right! We're happy to announce an evening with .NET Rocks! (http://www.dotnetrocks.com) co-host, founder of the Humanitarian Toolbox (http://www.htbox.org) project and allround master story teller Richard Campbell. Join us on November 17th at the brand new Xpirit HQ office in Hilversum. We have the following program for you: 18:00 - Doors open; Dinner & drinks 19:00 - Richard Campbell Convergence: How Mobile, Cloud and Open Source Come Together to Save the World Mobile and cloud technology are changing the business world - how about disaster response? Join Richard Campbell as he tells his story of software, hardware and charity that ultimately has led him to the Humanitarian Toolbox (htbox.org (http://htbox.org/)). The Humanitarian Toolbox is an open source initiative to build software for disaster relief – both for the Non-Governmental Organizations that are involved in disaster relief, the citizen volunteers that donate their time to assist during a disaster and the disaster victims themselves. Richard will take you along on his journey of the convergence of mobile, cloud and open source software to help save lives. Afterwards : drinks & socializing