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What we’re about

Speak, read, listen and write in Dutch. Dutch speaking 'Gezellig' for expats in Apeldoorn is a group of expats, of people all over the world, who wants to learn Dutch. Mostly you don’t have the contact to talk a lot in Dutch, mostly you feel a bit shy to talk in Dutch in a group of many Dutch people. And they talk that fast! So, come on and practice with us. Have fun with other people around the world.


Each week we have a very dynamic evening in which we play Dutch games, create poems, talk to other Dutch people, visit some people or companies and sometimes do our home-work and so on.

I will organize the meet-up twice a month.

I’m Hanneke, a Dutch teacher. I’m giving Dutch lessons to expats from all over the world, from Mexico, Ukraine, Syria, India, Eritrea, Portugal, Spain, Norway, etc. I love to teach, speak and laugh about all the cultures and differences. I love to laugh about all the strange habits people, especially the Dutch people, have. I like to teach this beautiful language to people in a nice and creative way. I know that a ‘speaking’ evening is a very good practice to learn and use Dutch.

RSVP and please arrive in time. This is where you can meet people!!!

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