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Dying Kingdoms Camper Game
PC fee is $50 pre-reg, $60 onsite. NPC fee is $10, or free with a group of 3 or more. If you are NPC'ing, pay onsite. You only pre-reg as a PC. Please see the Rules of the Road and respect the campsite: The gate code is: 7015 This is important, you will need this to get onsite! Game details and blurb forthcoming.

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What we're about

The Dying Kingdoms are prehistoric lands of savage adventure. Civilizations both young and old dot the landscape, vying for supremacy, wealth, and power. As a fantastical world, the lands of the Dying Kingdoms hold a populace of both humans and non-humans, all in different cultures with uneasy relations. Most dangerous of all, monsters roam the unclaimed spaces. Where kingdoms recede as their power fades, creatures of fear slink in. Goblins, nightgaunts, ogres, and worse things now dot the landscape. Travelers recount wild stories of singular hazards, lost ruins, and terrible man-eating foes. It is a time of travail, but in this time of change, strength of arm or surety of will can perhaps move the course of the world.

**Dying Kingdoms Live Action Role Playing Game is a private recreational group for 18 and over**

Photography and Video Policy:

We do not allow filming video of our LARP, even if we are in a "public" place sometimes for our events, we are a private event and part of a private organization/club and we will ask you to leave if you show up with a film crew or a video camera, even if it is a little cell phone, GoPro, or DSLR. We will collectively not participate in your film project be it professional or personal.

We are happy to direct you to The LARP Alliance though, so that you may find LARPs that are receptive to you.

Furthermore, if you are not a member of our community or you are not NPCing or PCing at our games, we will ask you not to take pictures as well as it breaks the immersion of our player base and compromises their anonyminity.

Basically, if you want to come to game to just take picture of the LARPers and not play with us, we will politely ask you to leave. Staff is very serious about protecting our players from exploitation or misuse of their likenesses.

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