Past Meetup

April 6-8 Easter Weekend Camper at Joesepho

Price: $60.00 /per person
Location image of event venue


The fractious clans of Culberron have forged a temporary and tenuous alliance to take back their beleaguered Highlands. Countless hordes of rampaging creatures from the chaos realms throng in the hills and dales of Culberron’s most sacred places. And somewhere in a deep and verdant glen, an ancient power stirs, woken by foreign magic and a strange resonance. Can the heroes temper this fragile alliance into steel hard enough to win a lasting victory in Conjunction War? Or will this new found amity last no longer than a common enemy?

Early Bird Pricing is now over. Registration online and onsite will cost $60.

Gate Code is 5304

We are not allowed to drive in or out after 9pm and before 7am. Please abide by this. This is not Josepho being mean, but neighbors giving them problems. Please abide by this and help them out, they are really good to us.