Welcome Our Troops Returning Home From Overseas. Tuesday Apr. 22nd., 3:30, PM. Carpooling from Nashua and Manchester. Pease International Airport. Portsmouth / Newington NH. Host: Steve Obermiller. 603-491-1962 Meet us at the terminal, Not the Air National Guard air terminal. If you are thinking of attending? Please sign up at: &n... ( Flights are subject to change so often. They will keep you informed as to any changes. 22-Apr-2014 Friday 4:30 PM Returning Home flight # 699 # of troops 538
Flight arrives at 4:30 am. But, we need to be there, one hour before they land. This is because flights are early, or late, or get canceled some times. Please contact the people from Pease Greeters and join their email list. They will want to give you more notices of changes. They will also give you a short tour, and explain to you what will happen. When you arrive. So again, please sign up online with the Pease Greeters. Pease International Airport. Portsmouth / Newington NH.

Please join and meet Steve Ob1. and friends for an hour or two at the Pease Air Terminal. We will welcome home about 538 returning troops, from their latest overseas tour of duty. The troops have no idea anyone is at the airport waiting to welcome them. They are expecting just another empty closed airport. Where maybe, they can get something to eat out of a machine, or use a pay phone to call home. Very few military Flights land here at Pease, and they are here for only an hour or so, They land here just to refuel and change crews. Before they tack off again to return to their homes and bases throughout our country. Most of the the troops landing in NH. are not from New England. This will be the first time they have set foot in the USA.. Most of the troops feel they are not sure yet. If they are coming home in a seat or a box. Until they first land back in the USA.. So, now that we have learned to support our troops, and not to blame them for a bad war. Steve Ob1. would like your help, in giving these brave men and women. A warm New England thanks, and a welcome them home. Please sign up online for the Pease Greeters emails. Flights are subject to change or delay. They will let you know where and when the flights are arriving. They will also let you know, if the flights are late or early. Most of the flights are usually on weekday late nights or early morning. So, Steve Ob1. has been reluctant to ask people to join him to welcome past flights. So, join us. Steve Ob1. has attended this event before, and found it more than worth the time.
Pease Greeters emails. Flights are subject to change, delay or cancellation.
The Pease Greeters Flight Alert Channel Your source for the latest flight information updated daily. Hotline (603) 766 0502 New Schedule - Flights Added, Deleted & Time Changes The schedule has been updated to include the addition of flights, the deletion of one flight and times changes to two flights. Arrival:
More info. below: Directions from Boston: Take Interstate 95 North into New Hampshire, continuing through the Hampton Toll Booth towards Portsmouth. Take Exit 3 Portsmouth/Greenland to the stoplight. Take left onto Rt 33, at the next light you will see a sign for Pease International Tradeport, take a right at the light onto Grafton Drive.
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