• VIRTUAL Meetup: Determine Your CALL TO ACTION & Plan to BUILD YOUR LIST

    Every single piece of your marketing material must have one thing if it is to succeed: a CALL TO ACTION. This is the thing you want people to do after they come across your marketing moment - the next step you want them to take. It could be buying your book - but it might be many other things, like visit your YouTube channel, download a quiz, participate in a survey, enter to win a contest, share a Tweet, etc., etc. If every instance of your marketing is missing a CALL to ACTION, you are likely missing out on recruiting potential readers and, ultimately, sales. One piece of marketing material that needs this call to action is your LEAD MAGNET. This is the thing you give away on your website in exchange for a new visitor's email address. It is one of the most sure-fire ways to help you build that ever-crucial email list. Join Justin & Laura on Saturday, October 6 as we present this info for the first time in the history of the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup. Bring your questions, ideas, suggestions, and comments. We look forward to seeing old and new members! This VIRTUAL session will be held via Zoom.us. *** USE THE LINK BELOW TO REGISGTER *** https://zoom.us/meeting/register/b09d1cc13123cbf9c5b9141539e44ee6 As soon as you register, we will email the handout for the session. SESSION WILL BE RECORDED This session will be recorded. Those who attend the live session will have receive a permanent link to the video. Those who do not attend the live event may have limited access to the recording. ONE-MINUTE INTRO To offer the utmost value to our committed attendees, the first 12 people who register will have ONE MINUTE during the webinar to introduce themselves. This means you'll be live on camera (if you are participating via video) - so please be prepared to talk briefly about your book (or book project). Have a copy of your book ready to show off, as well! TAKEAWAY/ACCOUNTABILITY Just as we do in the face-to-face meetings, we'll ask for your feedback at the end of the meeting, as well as any accountability items you want us to track for you. INVITE OTHER AUTHORS As this is a virtual session, participants need not be members of Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion to attend - so if you have author friends who would benefit, please feel free to share the registration link. Here it is again, for your convenience: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/b09d1cc13123cbf9c5b9141539e44ee6 Please email [masked] or if you have any questions. DONATE IF YOU RECEIVE VALUE: As you may know, hosting teaching sessions like this takes time, money, effort, and expertise. Though there is no fee to attend, we will pass the virtual hat at the end of the meeting. Suggested donation is $10, but it is just a suggestion. Give according to the value you feel you receive from the session. GIVE US A TESTIMONIAL And if you want to give us a testimonial, we'll take that, too! Email either of us with your feedback - or tell us you want to do it on video and we'll get it scheduled!